About Us

Solubilis is one of the best practiced patent consultants in Bangalore. We believe in ensuring the high quality, best services in cost-effective way. We endeavour to get Excellency in each of our patent registration services. Our team started to explore the services since 2013. Solubilis team is not just the combo of multiple workers. Apart from that we are having legal and technical professionals along with paralegal and secretarial staffs. The best in our team is personalized solutions for all the queries forwarded by the clients. We enable market oriented research, strategic protection, goals etc. to different clients according to their base of business. Our team gets prioritized among the global market because of the satisfied customers and there feedbacks. Patent registration is not a minimal process it requires years of experience and technical knowledge. It is a safeguarding process and we take seriousness in each step of progression.


Our vision is to be the part of innovation stimulus by facilitating all the inventions similar around Bangalore.


We have an innovative approach to our trusted clients to give quality solutions in a cost effective manner.


We established our goodwill in the market even after facing lots of tribulations from the opponents.

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