benefits of Patent Registration in Bangalore

Getting patent registration for your business is an added advantages. Advantages as well as disadvantages are also there. When you decide to get the patent registration you should consider the causes of your invention if it is not get patented only because of the cost. The cost is radically high but you have to consider the below advantages as well.

Patent gives the full power to stop other from copying, publishing or sell your invention without your permission. The protection is for a pre-determined period of time allowing you to conserve the invention from third parties. You can sell the patent or license it for others. To patent or not patent is your decision. But the decision should be careful. Obtaining the patent is complex and time consuming. Patent specification is a legal document and it require special skills to draft properly. Chances of obtaining the useful patent is 90% if you use reputable patent attorney.

Documents Of Patent Registration

  • Form 1: Duplicate application form. Here it includes name and address of the inventor, applicant and other declarations if any.
  • Form 2: Complete specifications in duplicate. If you want to file the provisional specification, then enable the complete specification within 12 months.
  • The copy of duplicate drawing with signature of the applicant or his agent in the right hand bottom corner.
  • Abstract copy of Invention
  • If there any claims attach that also
  • Information of filing date, current status of the application etc in Form 3.
  • Priority document on the direction of controller.
  • Power of attorney
  • Fees paid by cheque/ net banking/ cash or any other.

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