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Are you looking for patent registration in Bangalore? Well, Bangalore is a well-known city due to its academic strength and at-home feeling for many business industries. Getting a patent registration in the sense obtaining some sort of private values and rights over an invention or a procedure. The full registration process of patent is controlled by controller general of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks at The Patent Office. The registration application should obey the Patent Act, 1970 and also obey the regulations of Patent rules 1972. Patent is considered as one of the main intellectual property along with Trademarks & Copyright. We Solubilis is one of the leading law firm providing all categories of services in different areas of law firm. Our well experienced team enables and make all registrations with fully affordable and give assurance of complete protection. We help you to get the Patent strategy, patent renewal and guidelines to get the best registration services. Move with Us, we assist you in all the complexities.

Procedure For Patent Registration

Patent Searches

It is the primary phase of patent registration to check the novelty of an invention.

Patent Drafting

Invention is written in techno- legal language and is known as specifications with or without claims.

Patent Filing

The first step towards obtaining a Patent with a series of forms according to patent Act.

Application Publication

Application should file in an official journal & open to public to raise objections if any.

Patent Prosecution

It is done within 48 months of the application and after, examination repot will get generated.

Patent granting

After all the examinations and procedures of patent, the patent granting is done by examiner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patent registration

The application for patent can be filed by 1st inventor, or his assignee or any other person who is assigned by the inventor.

The different types of patents are

  • • Ordinary Application
  • • Convention Application
  • • PCT Application
  • • Divisional application
  • • Patent of Addition which is the subsequent of modification and improvement.

Physical phenomena, abstract ideas etc. are not patentable objects. Likewise, the new mineral discovered in the earth or any new plant found etc. are not matter with Patent.

Patent agents are the one who is authorized to interact with the patent office on behalf of the clients. He can register, make the payment and appear in front of patent office. He should have science knowledge or any engineering degree. Such types of person can become the patent agents.

Patent drafting is the process of preparing documents that should filed in front of patent office. Drafting is the techno-legal description of the patent. The specification should be with or without claims.

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