patent registration in bangalore

Who can apply for patent registration?

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Patent registration in Bangalore the following persons may apply for patent registration in the patent office fee individually or jointly or through any other person:

The inventor who personally invented a device or process is the inventor’s assistant, the deceased inventor, or a legal representative of his assistant.

The government is define as an individual under the Patent Act.

patent registration in bangalore

Patent registration in Bangalore

Patent registration in Bangalore, an invention carried out by an individual or a company, acquires intellectual property. If it is unique, the government will offer full rights to your product. Then,It gives you the full right to create, use, sell or import products or services and prohibits others from doing so. Patents in India are control by the Patents Act 1970 and the Patent Rules 1972.

Similarly, The lifespan of a patent is 20 years. This period is limit in most cases, but it could only be extend by an act of Congress and in rare cases it can be extend to a few years.

Patents can be for many things, be it process, art, method of production, special device, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals or drugs.


General application

Also,This is the most common application by an Indian inventor in which a search has been publish for the first time and can be file temporarily or with full specificity. If the application is filed with a temporary specification, the full specification must be file within 12 months of the date of application.

patent registration in Bangalore

Convention application

Additionally, The Paris Convention on Patents recognizes the value of the First Declaration or “Prior Art” and in the case of international applications the applicant may file a patent within 12 months of filing the first application and the previous declaration will not be considered a subsequent country application for the previous declaration.

PCT application

The Patent Cooperation Treaty provides for a mechanism in which an international application for a patent grant can be file on behalf of India for 152 treaty countries. The first stage application is examine by the International Examination Authority, after which the applicant has the freedom to file the national stage application.

Procedures of patent registration:

Step 1: Find a patent

Step by step procedure for patent registration in Bangalore -Maruthi seva nagar  Procedure patent registration search is conduct in India to know the novelty of the procedure. In general, it is consider safe to search for a patent before filing a patent application. If an invention is find in previous arts or discontinues pre-art, the innovation of that invention may be challenged by the Indian Patent Office fee. Therefore, it is important to invent pre-art to save the applicant money and time.

patent registration in Maruthi seva nagar

Step 2: Patent drafting

Step-by-step procedure for patent registration in bangalore after a thorough search around the world, the invention is write in techno-legal language known as specification which can be with or without claims. There is temporary exclusivity without claims and absolute exclusivity with claims. Again, The specification specifies the field of search, a detail description of the search with working examples and the best method of searching so that a person skilled in art can search. Then, the legal part comes with a search claim that defines the legal protection sought by an inventor.

Step 3: Filing a patent application

Step by step procedure for Patent registration in bangalore-Maruthi seva Nagar a patent application is the first step towards obtaining a patent. Procedure Patent Registration in India is apply for as a provision application, usually file to claim a priority date over other applications. The patent application consists of a series of forms prepared under the Indian Patents Act, 1970.

Also, Temporary or complete specificity of the draft is file in Form-2 of the Indian Patents Act, 1970. If a provisional patent application is file, a full specification must be file within 12 months of its filing. There are 6 different types of filing in Indian Patent Office Fees. These are:

General application

Firstly,PCT national phase application

PCT International Application

Convention application

Sectional application

Finally,Patent of additional application

Step 4: Publication of the patent application

Additionally, the action patent registration has been file in India, after the expiration of 18 months from the date of filing or the date of priority, whichever is earlier, the application is publish in the official journal and is open to the public. The public is give the opportunity to raise an objection if any.

STEP5: Examination of patent application / patent proceedings

Similarly, The patent application is check only when the request for examination has been file. The request for examination must be submit within 48 months from the date of filing the application or the date of priority. The patent examiner examines the patent application and reports the examination. The examination report contains a series of objections raised by the examiner. The answer to the examination report must be submit within 12 months of the examination report. The examiner calls the applicant or his agent for a hearing if necessary. This stage is call as patent proceedings.

STEP6: Patent grant

After all the objections regarding the examination report have been consolidated and the examiner is satisfy with the answer of the applicant, the application is place for grant. On the other hand, if the examiner is not satisfy with the answer and arguments of the applicant, he / she may reject the application.


For patent registration in Bangalore, the minimum forms discussed above and the suggested fee have to be paid. It is also important to understand that patent registration  is a complex and tedious task, every detail should be file in detail and deadlines should be made mandatory.

filing in bangalore

Also,It is important that every step also needs to be followed carefully and in accordance with the guidelines given by the Indian Patent Act and Rules. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire or consult an experienced registered patent attorney / agent for registration of a patent application.

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